Dalila Ayoun

Undergraduate courses

FREN 280       Introduction to French language, linguistics and culture
FREN 301       French Phonetics
FREN 302       French Composition
FREN 310       Oral French in Cultural Context
FREN 320       Written French in Cultural Context
FREN 399       Independent study                                                  
FREN 410       Film and Fiction
FREN 414       Pedagogy
FREN 425       Paris historique et contemporain                          
FREN 432       French Translation
FREN 434       Business French I
FREN 434       Business French II
FREN 457       French Cinema 
FREN 461a     French Linguistics
FREN 463      Consecutive and simultaneous interpretation
FREN 467       Topics in French Linguistics

Graduate courses

FREN 500       French for Reading
FREN 532       Translation
FREN 561       French Linguistics
FREN 563      Consecutive and simultaneous interpretation
FREN 567       Topics in French Linguistics
FREN 699       French Linguistics