Dalila Ayoun




As trite as it may sound, photography is about capturing a moment in time when the photograph is created, and then capturing someone’s imagination when it is shared. Although technically, modern photography may be “based on the property of silver compounds decomposing to metallic silver when exposed to light”, the technical aspects should be invisible. A photograph should simply be so beautiful that it makes us pause, reflect, feel emotional and maybe even feel like we are being transported elsewhere, if only for a moment.
My photography is mostly about urban settings. I enjoy nothing more than exploring a new city (or rediscovering a familiar one) on foot, camera in hand. Urban settings have it all, from the pure architectural lines of high-rises to a small fruit stall in a Chinatown; from business men in expensive suits to homeless people sleeping on the ground; from a bench in a public park to sale signs. Most of all, urban settings are a reflection of who we are, what we believe in and how we live.
I also love to shoot what I call ‘beauty in motion’: sports. I’ve mostly shot the sport I know best, gymnastics, but I see beauty in any sport in different ways.
I am a purist in that I believe that a photograph is created when the shutter is pressed, not by resorting to various techniques to add contrast, exposure, color or removing shadows later. I shoot in digital color as well as black & white film. I am also passionate about landscapes and seascapes, being fortunate enough to live in the very different settings of the American Southwest, Hawaii and France.