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Peer-Reviewed Publications

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SPIE Manuscripts

1.  Ammons, S. M.; Neichel, B.; Lu, J.; Gavel, D.T.; Srinath, S.; McGurk, R.; Rudy, A.; Rockosi, C.; Marois, C.; Macintosh, B.;  Savransky, D.; Galicher, R.; Bendek, E.; Guyon, O.; Marin, E.; Garrel, V.; and Sivo, G.  2014, "A measurement of the systematic astrometric error in GeMS and the short-term astrometric precision in ShaneAO," proc. SPIE, 9148, 1J.

2.  Srinath, S.; Poyneer, L.A.; Rudy, A.R.; and Ammons, S. M.  2014, "Remembrance of phases past: An autoregressive method for generating realistic atmospheres in simulations," proc. SPIE, 9148, 6W.

3.  Rudy, A.R.; Srinath, S.; Poyneer, L.; Ammons, S. M.; Gavel, D.; Kupke, R.; Dillon, D.; and Rockosi, C.  2014, "Progress towards wind predictive control on ShaneAO: test bench results," proc. SPIE, 9148, 1Z. 

4.  Bendek, E.A.; Guyon, O.; Belikov, R.; Ammons, S. M.; Milster, T.; Kim, Y.-S.; and Johnson, L2013, "Exoplanet detection and characterization using combined coronagraphy and sub-uas astrometry from space," proc. SPIE, 8864, 05.

5.  Ammons, S.M.; Bendek, E.; and Guyon, O.  2012, “Theoretical Limits on Bright Star Astrometry with Multi-Conjugate Adaptive Optics using a Diffractive Pupil,” proc. SPIE, 8447, 0P.

6.  Ammons, S.M.; Poyneer, L.; Gavel, D.T.; Kupke, R.; Max, C.; and Johnson, L., “Evidence that Wind Prediction with Multiple Guide Stars Reduces Tomographic Errors and Expands MOAO Field of Regard,” proc. SPIE, 8447, 1U.

7.  Guyon, O.; Bendek, E.; Ammons, S.M.; Shao, M.; Shaklan, S.B.; Woodruff, R.A.; Belikov, R.; and Milster, T.D.  2012, “Simultaneous coronagraphic imaging and astrometric mass measurement of habitable exoplanets with the diffractive pupil telescope concept,” proc. SPIE, 8442, 0K.

8.  Bendek, E.A. Ammons, S.M.; Belikov, R.; Pluzhnik, E.; and Guyon, O.  2012, “High precision astrometry laboratory demonstration for exoplanet detection using a diffractive pupil,,” proc. SPIE, 8442, 43.

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Conference Proceedings

1.  Ammons, S.;  Wong, K.C.; Zabludoff, A.I.; Keeton, C.R.; and French, D.  2012, "The Most Powerful Cosmic Telescopes for Constraining the Faint-end Slope of the z > 7 Luminosity Function," AAS, 331.06.

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