Aurelio José Figueredo

Professor of Psychology
Professor of Family Studies and Human Development
Director of Ethology and Evolutionary Psychology
The University of Arizona


A.J. Figueredo
Tel: 520.621.7444
Psych Bldg.
Room 440
PO Box 210069
Univ of Arizona
Tucson, AZ 85721

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Aurelio José Figueredo, Ph.D., is a Professor of Psychology at the University of Arizona. He serves as Director of the graduate program in Ethology and Evolutionary Psychology (EEP), and is affiliated with the graduate programs in Program Evaluation and Research Methodology (PERM) and Psychology, Policy, and Law (PPL).


Professor Figueredo's major area of research interest is the evolutionary psychology and behavioral development of life history strategy, sex, and violence in human and nonhuman animals, and the quantitative ethology and social development of insects, birds, and primates.

The Arizona Life History Battery

The Arizona Life History Battery (ALHB) is a battery of cognitive and behavioral indicators of life history strategy compiled and adapted from various different original sources. These self-report psychometric indicators measure graded individual differences along various complementary facets of a coherent and coordinated life history strategy, as specified by Differential-K Theory, and converge upon a single multivariate latent construct, the K-Factor. They are scored directionally to indicate a "slow" (high-K) life history strategy on the "fast-slow" (r-K) continuum.

EEP Program

Ethology and Evolutionary Psychology (EEP) is a cross-disciplinary graduate program integrating the studies of comparative psychology, ethology, sociobiology, behavioral ecology, behavioral genetics, and behavioral development.