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"AILDI has given me the drive and passion to pursue the needs of revitalization of culture/ language for my people. I relaize the importance of self education and growth to empower others."


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Course information will be available mid-October.

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LING 421 - Language Maintenance, Preservation and Revitalization Instructor: Lucille Watahomigie

This course examines potential ways to avert the massive language endangerment and death the world is experiencing. A variety of approaches and methods are considered, including linguistic documentation, teaching language courses, immersion (pre)schools, and the master-apprentice program. The course also covers ethical issues, goals of communities, and the balance between linguists and communities.

LRC 430 - Multimedia Technology for Indigenous Language Communities Instructor: Stacey Oberly

This course offers a practical introduction to concepts and techniques of effective computer usage in language teaching. It has been designed to provide an overview of the most widely used types of software and internet-based programs and offers "hands-on" experience using select computer applications. The focus will be primarily on creating multimedia language lessons using Microsoft Publisher, Power Point and MaxAuthor software. This class is open to all who want to understand and experience how technology can support Indigenous language revitalization efforts. No sophisticated computer skills are required. Meets requirements for methodology.

LING 432 - American Indian Language Immersion 2 Instructor: Jennie DeGroat

Study of the acquisition and development of language drawing on both sociolinguistics and psycholinguistics.  This course examines the ways in which individuals become socialized into particular patterns of oral and written language use of Native Americans; issues of bilingualism and biliteracy will be considered. Implications for pedagogy, practice, and research in Indigenous languages will be explored. Prerequisite: American Indian Language Immersion I

LING 445 - Applied Linguistics for Native American Communities Instructor: Keisha Josephs

This foundations course includes the phonology, morphology, syntax, and pragmatics of American Indian languages and English, with applications to American Indian bilingual settings and language immersion. A primary focus will include language exploration for purposes of language documentation. Meets bilingual /ESL endorsements for linguistics; meets ESL endorsement requirement for nature/grammar of English.

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