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AILDI participation

How many people participate at AILDI?
Do I need to be a current student at the University of Arizona to attend AILDI?
Will I need to attend both morning and afternoon classes?
Are these courses valid college course credits?
Where are classes held?
How many hours of studying can I expect for each class?


Can I bring my family to AILDI? Spouse? Children?
What is the University of Arizona policy regarding children?


Is it easy to find parking at the University of Arizona?

Dining Options

What are the dining options at the UA?


How can I obtain additional information?


AIDLI Participation

How many participants attend AILDI? [back to top]

Every year, AILDI receives anywhere from 50-100 participants representing a wide variety of tribes and communities across the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

Do I need to be a current student at the University of Arizona to attend AILDI? [back to top]

You do not need to be currently registered in a degree program at the UA to take AILDI classes. However, you need to be admitted as a non-degree UA student to be able to register for classes.

Will I need to attend both morning and afternoon classes? [back to top]

It is mandatory that students register and attend both morning and afternoon class sessions.

Are the courses offered valid college course credits? [back to top]

AILDI offers six graduate or undergraduate credit hours in American Indian studies, linguistics, bicultural education and culture-based curriculum development. All courses lead toward regular degree programs and teacher endorsements. AILDI courses can also be taken for personal development only.

Where are classes held? [back to top]

Most AILDI courses are held in the Education Building at the U of A. Check our location section to learn about the UA building locations.

How many hours of studying can I expect for each class? [back to top]

Hours will depend on your courese and instructor, however participants estimate between 1½ - 2 hours per class.


Can I bring my family to AILDI? Spouse? Children? [back to top]

AILDI is part of the University of Arizona Summer Sessions Program. As an AILDI participant, all University of Arizona policies will apply .

Our summer program is a very intensive and requires full participation from our attendees, which at times extends into early evening and weekend workshops and activities. Although we do not encourage our participants to bring their families, we do understand that sometimes this is unlikely. Please remember that if you do bring your minor children, they will need to be under direct adult supervision and will not be able to accompany you to your classes.

What is the University of Arizona policy regarding children? [back to top]

AILDI is part of the University of Arizona Summer Sessions Program. As an AILDI participant, all University of Arizona policies will apply .

The University workplace is a diverse environment of classrooms, offices, and laboratories where many different activities are performed. Visitors to the workplace are generally welcome, and in some settings even encouraged. However, appropriate precautions and limitations on visitation are necessary to protect health and safety, and to maintain productivity and regulatory compliance.
In general, the workplace is not an appropriate place for minor children on a frequent or continuing basis, as children in the workplace create an atmosphere that may not be conducive to achievement of the unit's specific goals and objectives.
Special occasions that are employer-sanctioned and at which attendance by children is encouraged should be coordinated with and approved by the department. The employee's schedule for that day should take the child's presence into consideration to eliminate potential hazards.
Children may be brought to workplaces by parent employees for brief visits or other times when common sense would dictate that it is more efficient for the employee to bring the child into an office (following or before a physician's appointment, for example). The parent employee must supervise the child(ren) on such visits. It is generally not appropriate for children of any age to be in the workplace on a regular basis, such as after school each school day or on regularly scheduled school holidays. Departments may implement an internal departmental policy allowing such visits.
The University recognizes that occasionally situations may arise that leave an employee with no acceptable alternative but to bring his or her child(ren) to work. In the event of an emergency, or if there are no other alternatives, parent employees may have children present in the workplace provided the parent secures prior departmental approval. Departments may implement an internal departmental policy allowing short-term visits by employees' children or may request employees to seek approval at the time of the visit. Such arrangements may be granted only in circumstances where safety issues (such as stairs and stairwells, automatically closing doors, open windows, office machines, etc.) have been satisfactorily addressed. This exception is not applicable to hazardous areas. Parent employees may not leave such child(ren) in the custody of another University employee, even for brief periods of time.
Minor children are not permitted as regular visitors in any hazardous area as defined above. Short-term visits may be authorized for approved guided tours or other reasons if appropriate precautionary measures are taken, and hazards have been fully controlled or removed during the visit. Direct adult supervision of children is required at all times in hazardous areas. Department heads may require additional safety measures prior to such visits, and may wish to require written parental consent authorizing the site visit.


Parking at the UA [back to top]

Parking on the University of Arizona is limited and strongly regulated. Before or upon arrival, it will be useful to familiarize yourself with parking regulations and rules at the UA. All vehicles that violate The University of Arizona Parking and Traffic Violations are subject to impoundment, citation or immobilization.

Learning about parking regulations may seem overwhelming at the beginning but we hope these tips will help you as you start becoming familiar with the rules:

  • On registration day, you will have time to purchase parking permits. Zone 1 parking permits are available for purchase at $ 25.00.
  • Displaying Your Permit: Be sure your permit is clearly displayed before leaving your vehicle. Enforcement officers must be able to see the permit and the permit number. Remember, when in doubt, give them a call at 626-PARK (7275). The AILDI staff can also help you in the event you have any problems.
  • Don't leave your vehicle in any unauthorized parking place even if you are planning to be away for only a short period of time. Enforcement officers are patrolling the area 24 hours a day.
  • Look for the signs located at the entrance to the parking permit areas where the type of permit required is indicated. Avoid parking in loading zones, car pool, no-parking areas, reserved spaces, disabled spaces, fire lanes or any other restricted areas.
  • Knowledge of rules: It is the responsibility of any person bringing a vehicle to campus to read and understand the parking regulations. Lack of knowledge of these regulations does not relieve the violator of responsibility for citations.

If you want to learn more about parking at the UA, visit their website at

Dining Options

Dining at the UA [back to top]

Where to eat on campus

  • There are over 35 different eateries, from cafeteria dining, to national franchises and brands, conveniently situated throughout the campus at the University of Arizona.
  • Check the Student Union’s website for more information.
  • For quick meals, the University of Arizona offers options such as grill items, drinks, specialty coffees, and snacks, conveniently located around campus. There is a convenience store located at the Student Union, 350 vending machines around campus, loaded with snacks and sodas, hot dog food stops and cappuccino cart food stops.

How to pay for meals

  • Cash payments are accepted at all dining locations (checks, debit and credit cards are not). If you are going to eat at the various restaurants on campus, you may consider purchasing the University Meal plans. Meal Plans allow food purchases on campus to be exempt from state tax. Every Meal Plan is a debit account, accessed via the CatCard. Contact the AILDI office for more information.

Where to eat off campus

  • Tucson offers a wide range of restaurants. Check the AZ Daily Wildcat's Guide to restaurants & bars near the UA.

How can I obtain additional information? [back to top]

We are here to help! If you can't find what you are looking for or if you have any additional questions about the program, please contact us.


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