Hints for Geek Quest 3
Note: This is a collection of hints, not a complete walkthrough.

Q: Which area should I conquer first?
A: The Computer Science Wing. Information gained on the network is required for almost every other part of the labyrinth.

Q: What are these numbers written inside shapes?
A: There is a system for converting shapes to numbers which applies to two separate puzzles. The scattered numbers on walls are your clues.

Q: What are these boxes with light-up dots?
A: These are power boxes which can supply power to the west hallway or the physics corridor. The codes for these are found once you retrieve the map.

Computer Science Core:
Q: How do I power on the computers?
A: See that purple power cable? Find out where it goes.

Q: How do I get past the firewall?
A: The firewall is designed to keep out anyone who doesn't understand computer science. Put simply, each line is a statement which sets X,Y, or Z to be equal to "true" or "false". So, if Z equals "true", then a command of "Set X equal to Z" would also make X equal to true. The command "Access" needs to be set to true to allow passage.

Q: How do I find the chat archives in cyberspace?
A: First, find the director of Computing Services. Notice the signs advertising his help, as well as anything peculiar about said signs. Once you find him, ask for aid.

Q: How do I beat the Ninja in cyberspace?
A: This is a rythm challenge similar to "Elite Beat Agents". Each time he throws a missle, click on it when it fills the circle and said circle turns blue, this matches the major beats of the music. You either get it or you don't; there's no scoring. You get a fixed amount of bonus hitpoints after Moonlight Sonata. Follow the cello part in Flight of the Bumblebee, and keep in mind that each phrase goes in one direction. So if the Ninja throws a missle to the left side of the screen and then a bunch to the right of it, you hit those in order from left to right.

Q: How do I trap the Grues?
A: First of all, take a close look at the map you got in Cyberspace to reroute power through both switch boxes. Then, position the machinery and fire it up.

Q: How do I beat this f-ing Ninja?
A: First of all, make sure you're playing with the sound on. Many of the Ninja's attacks are signalled by sound effects, and you can duck out of the way in time. During his second stage, take a careful look at the different images and only shoot the real Ninja (and then duck before he attacks). In his third stage, he blocks your attacks, so wait paitiently for an opening, and then take it.

Q: How do I bypass the Grues?
A: Note that there is a piano across from the Grues. If you visited the campus computer network, you should have picked up a song that can neutralize them.

Q: How do I open the safe?
A: Each button stands for a creature expected to be in the labyrinth. Is their any sort of order or hierarchy that applies? Start from the top of the chain and work your way down.

Q: How do I trap all the Grues
A: Watch their patterns as well as the different positions you can put the cages in. This is a matter of both position and timing.

Q: How do I get the bionic suit?
A: First of all, complete the Computer Science area so that you know how to re-route power. Power up the case and then enter the code. You may have notice shapes drawn throughout the labyrinth, or perhaps something else stands out...

Q: How do I get past the Grues?
A: Notice that there is a door behind them, and you might be able to go around them if you take a different path through the labyrinth

Q: What should I do with the chemicals?
A: If you found the chemistry labbook, then you should have a recipe for something useful. The jars have mostly had their labels removed, but if you look at what information remains on each jar, you can match them up. Some additional information may be in the labbook or scattered elsewhere in the labyrinth

Q: How do I get into the main lab?
A: You can't. Bingo the Monkey will have to hit it for you.

Q: How do I control Bingo the Monkey?
A: One of the past Math students figured this out...

Q: How do I cross the Math Bridge of Doom?
A: Each segment is supported by a counterweight box which must be filled up with blocks in order to ensure that your weight will not lower the bridge into the lava.

Q: Why can't I pick up and put down the blocks?
A: Either you are too weak to pick them up and need some mechanical assistance, or have exceeded your limit. Or, if trying to put blocks down, you may have no space to do so.

Q: How many blocks do I need?
A: Note that there is a scale in the room to weight yourself on, and that this weight goes up when carrying blocks.

Q: What choice should I make?
A: Take your time, and listen to everyone. The right choice should make itself apparent eventually, and will give you the "good" ending.

Q: "Good" ending? How many endings are there?
A: Three.