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Erin Lindstedt






    I am interested in the evolution and transmission of culturally inherited traits. Specifically, I am interested in the role that cultural transmission plays in the evolution of behavior. In addition, I am interested in the evolution of alternative mating strategies, such as extra-pair behavior, and how they affect sexual selection (for example, in socially monogamous species).




  • 2005 Undergraduate Honor’s Research grant, $1250
  • 2002-pres Member of the Undergraduate Biology Research Program (UBRP)
  • 2003-pres Honor’s College
  • Golden Key and Phi Eta Sigma honor’s societies


  • 2000-2003 Undergraduate research assistant in Drs. Bruce McNaughton/Carol Barnes laboratory
    - Made hyperdrives, and other types of electrophysiological recording equipment, including glass electrodes
    - Set up/ran memory experiments
    - Proficient in using the Cheetah computer recording program (inter-cellular electronic recordings)
    - Involved in behavioral training of primates
    - Worked directly with human subjects

  • 2003-present Undergraduate research assistant in Dr. Alex Badyaev lab
    - Extensive molecualar genetics experience (DNA extraction/PCR)
    - Database maintenance
    - Behavioral observations of free-living birds and transcription of data
    - Independent research project on extra-pair behavior in house finches


    Lindstedt, E. K.P. Oh, and A. V. Badyaev. In review. Ecological, social, and genetic contingency of extra-pair behavior in a socially monogamous bird. Journal of Avian Biology.


    2004 UBRP presentaion/2005 Honor’s Research Grant presentation - Erin R. Lindstedt and Alexander V. Badyaev. The Evolution of Extra-pair Mating Strategies in a Socially Monogamous Bird: Causes and Consequences

    2003 Society for Neuroscience Meeting, New Orleans LA - S. Kawahara, M. Tatsuno, J.A. Dees, K.M. Bohne, E.R. Lindstedt, F.P. Houston and B.L. McNaughton. Place-Dependent Discrimination of Trace Interval in Classical Eyeblink Conditioning.

    2003 Society for Neuroscience Meeting New Orleans, LA - T.M. Ellmore, E.R. Lindstedt and B.L. McNaughton. Testing a Visual Motion Hypothesis of Path Integration: Humans Can Estimate Distance and Direction Using Only Optic Flow

    2003 UBRP presentation- Erin R. Lindstedt, Tim Ellmore, Bruce L. McNaughton. Can Humans Accurately Navigate Within a Virtual Environment Using Visual Motion Cues?

    2002 Society for Neuroscience Meeting Orlando, FL- Y.J. Karten, S.L. Cowen, E.R. Lindstedt, H.S. Kudrimoti,, J.L Gerrard, B.L. McNaughton and C.A. Barnes. Reactivation of Neural Ensembles During Sleep in the Rat Hippocampus is not Affected by Positive or Negative Events During Waking.

    2002 UBRP presentation- Erin R. Lindstedt, Yashmin J Karten, Stephen L. Cowen, Bruce McNaughton. How are Dreams Remembered: A Neurophysiological Investigation of Reactivation of REM Sleep Activity Patterns During Subsequent SLOW WAVE Sleep. Featured in Arizona Daily Wildcat, Monday Jan. 14, 2002.


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